FINAO FIRST LOOK | A sneak peek at some of the new Paraphernalia fabrics COMING SOON!

Happy Friday kiddies!

I have a treat for you today. As some of our savvy website users have already discovered, there have been some new materials that have popped up on the website this week. That’s right, we have even more new materials JUST about ready to be launched. We do not have a set date at this time (we anticipate only a couple of weeks), however, rest assured we will be blasting the news all over the place once they are officially available.

We will actually be launching two new collections (two new swatch cards) at the same time. One card will feature a selection of uniquely patterned leathers and one card will be featuring a line of fabulously funky fabrics. I’ve got the in and I’m going to share some of those funky fabrics with you today…woohoo!

The fabric collection is called the Paraphernalia collection. Now some of you may remember our samples from WPPI and PPA from earlier this year. We have mixed the palette up a bit since then and come up with a collection featuring four black & white style fabrics and four fancifully colored fabrics. I’m going to show those colored ones today and hopefully jump start your creative processes a bit so when they are officially released you can be the first one on your block to get it…how does that sound?


Well, first off the fabric materials from the Paraphernalia collection will be made available for use on the Finao ONE flush mount albums and the Upper Elements self mount albums.

Cover styles are going to be limited. You will be able to do a full single fabric cover, a cover with a leather spine (like the current silk tone option) or a full front cover panel (with a leather spine & back). TooTone! stripe options are not available with this material.

One point of interest you should definitely keep in mind with working with these fabrics. These are LARGE patterns. I repeat, LARGE patterns. What does this translate to? Think LARGER albums! Most if not all of these materials may not look good on small albums. You will not get the full effect of the pattern…just an FYI!


Fine, fine…let’s take a look at the fabrics already. I’ve picked my top 5 materials that I feel go well with each fabric but there are definitely extra honorable mentions for each.


Some of you may remember Instant Karma from our early samples at the trade shows. Yup, it made the final cut and will be in the released collection. Some other honorable mention leathers to try with this fabric would be Dubonnet, Girlie Girl and potentially even Bomber Jacket


This is the most abstract of the new fabrics. The pattern is so large that it would be really hard to get the exact same album twice. Honorable mention leathers here include: Scotch Pine, Olea Branch, CU29 (oddly, it works), Opaline (for a higher contrast look), Bomber Jacket, Biker Chic and Krumble (this leather is featured in our new leather collection – Fragments).


Play it down or punch it up, this in one material where you can definitely go both ways. Honorable mention here goes to Swiss Chocolate.


Who doesn’t appreciate a good flower once in awhile? We have some big ones and they also play well with Rainy Day Woman, Scotch Pine, Olea Branch and Copenhagen.

VOILA! There you have it. Your first look at some of those new fabrics. I hope it whet your appetite and gave you some ideas and I hope to see some fabulous orders come in when we offically launch the new material in a few weeks.

ciao for now…

L :l

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