WHAT COLORS MEAN | the winter/fall edition

As you can see the Fashion Blog had a bit of a hiatus over the last couple of weeks due to some road travel and the like but WE ARE BACK and ready to inspire those of you out there looking for some fall and winter color ideas.

In my endless search for inspiration I stumbled upon this interesting blog (theperfectpalette.blogspot.com ) that talked about what colors mean…specifically in relation to weddings. I thought it would be fun to pair up Finao leather colors with the blog’s descriptions and see what came out. I’m limiting it to just winter/fall since that is the season we are in but the blog had some great ideas for spring/summer as well. If you are planning ahead, you should check it out.


GOLD is the color of elegance and luxury. It embodies warmth and tradition and provides an upscale, rich, intense old-world feel.

COLORS: Oplaine, CU29, Bling Dynasty, Pumpkin Spice and Something Wicked.

RED is passionate, dramatic, romantic. Try pairing it with aquas, grays or evergreens.

COLORS: Passion, Aquadisiac, Red Light District, Scotch Pine and Scarlet O’Hara

WHITE is classic and symbolizes purity, simplicity, modernity and minimalism.

COLORS: Bohemian, Optimism, Red Light District, Sunday Shoes and Something Wicked.

ORANGE is the perfect fall color and symbolizes the harvest. For fall, try pairing it with brown or copper.

COLORS: Komodo Dragon, CU29, Pumpkin Spice, Junkyard Dog and Bomber Jacket

IVORY is old-world elegance. It is soft spoken, charming and calming. This alternative to white works with almost any color.

COLORS: Pumpkin Spice, CU29, Opaline, Bomber Jacket and Miami Ink

HOT PINK is bursting with energy, fun loving, contemporary and romantic. It is good for almost any season. For fall try pairing it with a black, a chocolate brown or a slate gray.

COLORS: Something Wicked, FemmeNoir, Lusterin’ Hot, Bomber Jacket and Miami Ink

PLUM is the color of history. It’s both royal and sacred, challenging and mysterious and ever so glamorous and chic.

COLORS: Optimism, Femme Noir, Queen for a Day, Saturday Night Special and Something Wicked

SILVER compliments winter weddings to provide an elegant and upscale antique look.

COLORS: Femme Noir, Optimism, Shrike Skin, Something Wicked and Saturday Night Special

CHOCOLATE BROWN is the winter/fall alternative to black. It is rich and rustic and the perfect choice for farm or vineyard weddings. It pairs nicely with burnt orange, copper, pink and red.

COLORS: Pumpkin Spice, CU29, Bomber Jacket, Junkyard Dog and Lusterin’ Hot

BLACK is the ultimate neutral. It is sophisticated, intense, mysterious and makes a wonderful accent for a clean, strong graphic look.

COLORS: Suspicion, Optimism, Something Wicked, Passion and Miami Ink

As you can see, selecting colors isn’t always about just putting two colors you like together. Colors have meaning and emotional values and can be used effectively to create albums with those same values. It’s all in how you think about it. Anyone can make a plain black album. Can you make one that conveys an emotional response BEFORE you even open the cover? Well, that is the challenge…isn’t it? 🙂

Till next time…ciao.

L :l

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