Finao meets the notorious Bettie Page

It hasn’t slipped past our attention that boudoir has made a comeback. Our Image Preview Boxes and Image Portfolios have been highly popular during this resurgence but what about taking boudoir up a notch? What about a boudoir album?

For our fashion inspiration this week, we look to the ultimate pin-up girl…the notorious Bettie Page.

THE BETTIE PALETTE: 1. Dark & Bronzy (Magical Mystery Glass – upgrade cover)  2. Racing Stripes  3. El Tigre  4. Kitty Kitty  5. Red Light District  6. Passion  7. Something Wicked  8. Suspicion  9. Sunday Shoes  10. Optimism  11. Lusterin’ Hot  12. Queen for a Day

The Bettie Palette focuses on fun with fur (from the Zumanity collection) & texture (suedes from the Urban Legends collection) and just a hint of fetish (those shiny patent leathers). Mixing and matching glass-smooth patent leathers with furs and suedes to create visual (and even physical) sensuality is the key.


Want a cover that gives a hint at what’s inside? The dark & bronzy Magical Mystery Glass option is truly the ultimate peep-show cover. A dark clear plexiglass cleverly hides the image beneath leaving only curiousity to passers by.

Let’s take a look at some Finao samples that fit into our Bettie Palette:

But it doesn’t stop there, the combinations are pretty endless but some other favorite concepts are these:

Finao has the materials to help you take those popular boudoir sessions outside the (preview) box.  When you are ready to take the leap, we will help you create your very own “notorious” album line so don’t be afraid to explore those urges…see you next week.

Ciao for now,

L :l

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