Pantone vs. Finao | Fall 2009


Yes, the fashion blog is coming to you a day ahead of schedule, why? After a week on the road I’m hoping to take tomorrow off and enjoy a niiiice long holiday weekend but I didn’t want you folks to miss out on this week’s fun.

Now, as most of you realize, we buy bathing suits in December, sweaters in July and Christmas in October. What is up with that? Well, in the fashion and industry worlds ALL those things are planned out and picked sometimes over a year in advance. I could actually give you the Pantone colors for Fall of 2010 right now but who really thinks that far ahead?  Maybe we should start.

These are the things, industry driven, that are being picked for us and we don’t even know it until we see it in shops and stores across the country. One of the ways to stay on top of trends is to know what is coming, but who has time for that? Much less keep track of it a year ahead of time…yow!

Instead, for fun, I chose to just take a look at what we can expect this fall…according to Pantone at least (there are other sources out there)…and see how Finao faired with their current color trend for Fall 09. Let’s see how we did…

Pantone describes some of colors as follows:

  • AMERICAN BEAUTY – a balanced, true red, a need for cohesiveness and a feel good color.
  • PURPLE HEART – refinement, sensuality, creativity and excitement
  • HONEY YELLOW – carry through fall & winter with golden tones, strong yet understated.
  • IRON – the new black, make traditional more interesting.
  • CREME BRULEE – bridge the gap between beige & light.
  • NOMAD – timeless neutral
  • BURNT SIENNA – autumn sunsets
  • RAPTURE ROSE – add a spark to fall
  • WARM OLIVE – like an olive in a martini, a touch of elegance & sophistication.
  • MAJOLICA BLUE – add exotic flair

Overall, I don’t think Finao did too bad. We seem to have a pretty close match for most of those upcoming fall 09 colors. So now you know where to go when you need an album this fall that features the season’s hot colors, don’t you? 🙂

Have a safe holiday everybody, see you next week.

L :l

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