Making the most out of Masqueradiance

Well, for you east coasters the fashion blog is fashionably late today because it is coming to you live from Vancouver, British Columbia. That’s right we are on the road but I’m keeping my promise of providing some creative tips and tricks for using Masqueradiance to finish out our look at the new Mixed Bag collection that is available for the Finao ONE.

Now, before we look at the colors I picked for this palette. I should preface this by saying that Masqeradiance is an interesting material. This probably more than most materials I would strongly suggest checking your swatches for. Why? It can kind of change colors. In daylight, the base color is a warm brown with a gold metallic stencil motif. Indoors under incandescent light it can turn very warm and reddish.  All I can say is don’t simply trust the images you see here…take theactual swatches and compare them yourself to double check and make sure they are the colors you want to use.  Afterall, we are just concepting here, having fun and trying out new ideas…some may be crazy. 🙂

1. optimism  2. opaline  3. ‘shroom  4. drifter  5. dulche de leche  6. chiara  7. junkyard dog  8. bomber jacket  9. miami ink  10. havana  11. rainy day woman  12. olea branch  13. magical mystery glass – dark & bronzy  14. magical mystery glass – muted & murky

Now, here is the sample that we made up waaaay back at the beginning of the year for WPPI and PPA. Since it has a big bold stencil pattern, it was felt that the best option for this material would be a simple single leather option with something like a cover cut-out or indentation…VOILA! That’s what we made

However, I still contend that it could be a cool accent stripe…maybe not for everyone but since it is a big pattern it could lend itself to some interesting abstractness.

6. rainy day woman  7. optimism  8. opaline  9. olea branch  10. havana  11. miami ink  12. junkyard dog  13. ‘shroom  14. bomber jacket  15. chiara  16. drifter  17. duche de leche

I think the reverse could also be true. If using Masqueradiance as a main material, choosing an accent stripe that is on the simpler side could make an interesting visual statement as well.

And, as usual, Masqueradiance could work nicely with the right cover image to place under a Magical Mystery Glass specialty cover. Due to it’s strong stencil, it probably would be too much to try and use for an ICE, Armour or Erotika cover…but does anyone care to prove me wrong and come up with something that works?

There is your homework folks! Until next week…


L :l

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