Creative uses with CU29

Welcome back to another edition of Fashion Fridays. We are continuing this week with more of the recently released Mixed Bag collection. For this edition we will be looking at CU29. Now, does anyone know where we got the name CU29? It’s the name for copper on the periodic table and we found it appropriate for this coppery metallic leather. CU29 has a delightfully warm tone and works well with many of our other leathers as both a main material and accent and can vary from earthy to funky depending on how you would like to pair it up with another color or texture.


1. Copenhagen  2. Chiara  3. Junkyard Dog  4. Biker Chic  5. Suspicion  6. Miami Ink  7. Optimism  8. ‘Shroom  9. Firefly  10. Drifter  11. Dulche de Leche  12. Kitty Kitty  13. Painted Pony  14. Racing Stripes  15. Bling Dynasty  16. Magical Mystery Glass – Dark & Bronzy  17. Ipinema  18. Olea Branch  19. Rainy Day Woman  20. Havana  21. Scotch Pine * Not shown but also a good color: Opaline

When we found CU29 at a leather show we immediately thought it would be the perfect mate to go with another new material,l Bling Dynasty (from the Zumanity collection).  As some of you may remember from our PPA and WPPI shows earlier this year, we had the above two concept samples made up. These images actually show the shimmery quality of the Bling Dynasty and CU29 better than our material scans ever could. This is just another reason to invest in actual swatches. We make every effort to portray our colors as accurately as possible online, however, they never truly capture the quality 100% of the time.

As mentioned previously, CU29 is a rich warm coppery brown and can be paired with a similar color for a tone on tone accent or something contrasty and fun like a fur from the Zumanity collection. Since it is a metallic leather, we have found pairing it with a non-metallic or texture works best.1. Bling Dynasty accent  2. Chiara accent  3. Drifter accent  4. Dulche de Leche accent  5. Firefly accent  6. Kitty Kitty accent  7. Painted Pony accent  8. ‘Shroom accent  9. Racing Stripes accent

CU29 also works well in smaller doses when used as an accent instead of a main. Its copper metallic finish can add just a bit of ZING to an otherwise plain album, pair it with a green for a nice “earthy” look or mate it with a lighter color like Opaline for a visual pop.

10. ‘Shroom main  11. Drifter main  12. Firefly main  13. Havana main  14. Ipinema main  15. Junkyard Dog main  16. Miami Ink main  17. Opaline main  18. Rainy Day Woman main


I think CU29 would go swimmingly with the Magical Mystery Glass (Dark & Bronzy option) if you are looking for something that is a bit more mysterious. It could also go well with an Armour, ICE or Erotika cover depending on the colors in your chosen image. Stick to something warm and bronzy and you are sure to have a hit on your hands.

Well, thanks for stopping by for another edition of Fashion Fridays. We hope we helped get those creative juices flowing a bit. We will finish up Mixed Bag next week by looking at the last new leather, Masqueradiance.  Get ready to get some romance on with that one so stop back next week.


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