Mixing it up with Mixed Bag!

Welcome to our first ever Fashion Blog post. Our idea behind the fashion blog is to generate ideas, point out trends and help you find new ways of creating fun, funky and fabulous albums. With that being said…let’s hop to it, shall we?

What better way to start off Fashion Fridays than by looking at some of our new Mixed Bag materials that were released this week. For this installment we have selected our silver, metallic options, Saturday Night Special and Shrike Skin. Both have a similar color palette that they work well with so it just makes sense to tackle them both at once.

Due to the metallic nature of these materials, we have kept the palette fairly simple by selecting some classic blacks and whites to go along with an eye-catching red for contrast.

As any follower to Finao can attest, we like accents here. Basic leather is boring. Evenwith the limited palette here, you can still achieve some very stylish effects by simply mixing basic colors with metallics or a highly textured material with a smooth material. Here are just a few examples of what we mean…

Now, this is, by no means, an exhaustive list of combinations. There are definitely more possibilities than this but we wanted to help jump start your brainstorming process to help get you on the path of finding a combination that will work for your album project.

Don’t forget the specialty covers too…

The silvers work well with our brushed metal Bullet specialty cover and maybe even our Erotika specialty cover, depending on on your image. The black & white image shown in this example worked great because so much of the white end dropped out. In this case, it simply left behind lots of metal showing through underneath.

So there you have it. Your first foray into Fashion Friday and Mixed Bag. Come back next Friday and we will take a look at some other possibilities with this new collection.

Ciao for now,

L :l

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